A Gate design option  may include   a custom plasma cut logo or design in a medallion that is incorporated into the driveway gate.
Picture of  completed driveway gate with custom  cross medallion incorporated into gate.   (Pictures of our completed  iron work projects often taken  at jobsites where other construction/ debris is still ongoing ).
 Picture of completed Driveway Gate with  Deer Head Medallion.  (Construction/Debris often in background  as pictures often taken at  job sites where other construction work  still in progress) -
A custom logo - medallion  can be incorporated into your gate design.
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Options for gates can include such items as a decorative medallion or a custom logo that can be drawn via our CAD.  Once we have plotted the medallion on our cad program, we then send to have laser cut. After receiving the laser cut medallion,  we then incorporate it into our custom gate that we have fabricated.  The logo or design can be a signature addition to your gate .
A few examples of medallions below. You may have a specific design or logo that you wish to incorporate.
Please Click on the gallery below and each picture will enlarge.  Each picture will have a picture number if you see a style that you wish to call us about.