The Birmingham
The Baton Rouge
The Beijing
The Charleston
The El Paso
The LaFayette
The Memphis
The St. Louis
The Sante Fe
The Savannah
The Vicksburg
The Monticello
The Richmond
The Baltimore
Cover Shoe
Wall Tab
Wall Mount
Wall Rail
"Knotted" picket style
Handicapp Ramp
Industrial Staircase - wrought iron rails & steps
wrought iron handrail with brass rail cap and rosettes
up close view of brass rail cap
Custom Railing before powder coating with fabricated golf clubs and custom wreath built into railing.  Rail cap is hand hammered with lots of detail in golf clubs.
Hand Hammered Rail Cap
Hammered picket with collar
Stainless Steel Railing
Stainless Steel Railing
Etched Rail cap on railing
Brass Rail Cap
custom contemporary rail - tight curved radius - custom curled volute - before powder coating
Stainless Steel Handrail
Railing with "mesh" look  to be installed on platform.  This railing has not been powder coated.
Wrought Iron Frame with cable railing.
Modified Birmingham Style rail with rounded collars on pickets, and scrolled volutes.  Also seen with cover shoes at base of posts.  These cover shoes hide the mounting hardware to give a more finished look.
Wrought Iron Railing with a twisted picket and a Brass Rail cap.
Rail shown without cover shoe
Rail shown with cover shoe
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15-16 styles of handrails on display.
Don't let a fall catch you off guard.  Handrails can add beauty ad safety to your home.