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Restoration & Design Update Projects
Moving Day for Historic Church Bell
Bell had been sitting unrestored for an estimated 62 years
Base-Stand for Bell Fabricated
Side Wheel and Bell Clapper Fabricated.  Bell can be rung using Wheel or side lever.
Side Lever Fabricated  to enable the ringing of the bell
Bell after Powder Coating Process
Delivering bell back to church after bell restoration.  The light in this picture looked like a "heavenly glow"
Reinstalling bell
Bell being installed on concrete slab
The base of the bell was 44".  Complete assembly weighed approximately 2000 pounds.
Adding Wrought Iron can transform the look of an existing space. Decorative New Orleans/Charleston style column posts and surrounds added a beautiful touch to the homes below.  
Home above before adding decorative column posts and surround.
Home above after adding New Orleans/Charleston inspired column posts and surrounds.
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